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Capture rainwater and contribute to a greener world with our port barrels, crafted from authentic old port barrels made of oak wood. Explore our selection and conveniently place your order online!

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Houten Regenton "Port" 500Ltr.
Houten Regenton "Port" 500Ltr.
Buy a rain barrel? Our rain barrels are made from thick-walled 225-litre oak win...
Houten Regenton "Port" 500Ltr. - Copy
Houten Regenton "Port" 500Ltr. - Copy
Buy a rain barrel? Our rain barrels are made from thick-walled 225-litre oak win...
Houten Regenton "Port" 500Ltr. - Copy - Copy
Houten Regenton "Port" 500Ltr. - Copy - Copy
Buy a rain barrel? Our rain barrels are made from thick-walled 225-litre oak win...
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The beauty of reuse: rain barrels from old port barrels

Our collection rain barrels are not just ordinary rain barrels. They are crafted from carefully selected old port barrels that once contributed to the maturation of delightful port wines. The rich oak wood of these barrels lends each rain barrel a unique character and a warm appeal that suits any garden or outdoor space.

Benefits of a port barrel

Harvesting rainwater with our port barrels offers numerous benefits for both you and the environment. Rainwater is naturally soft and free from chemicals, making it ideal for watering plants, lawns, and flower beds. Furthermore, utilizing rainwater reduces the demand for tap water, resulting in lower water bills and alleviating pressure on local water reserves.

prioritizing sustainability

In creating our port barrels, sustainability is our foremost priority. By giving new life to old port barrels and transforming them into functional rain barrels, we reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy. Each port barrel is meticulously cleaned and treated to ensure its suitability for collecting rainwater without leaving behind harmful substances.

A port barrel is a stylish addition to your garden

Whether you have a spacious garden, a compact balcony, or a charming terrace, our port barrels add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. The rustic appearance of oak wood and the distinctive details of port barrels impart an authentic charm to your garden. Choose from various sizes and finishes to find the port barrel that best matches your style and needs.

Easy installation of port barrels

Installing and using our port barrels is straightforward and user-friendly. Each barrel comes equipped with a durable tap for easy access to stored rainwater. Simply attach a garden hose to utilize the water for plant irrigation or other outdoor activities. Our port barrels are designed to be durable and resilient in various weather conditions.

Want to buy a port barrel?

Opting for a rain barrel made from old port barrels entails more than just collecting rainwater; it's a statement of sustainability and style. With the warm allure of oak wood and the barrels' historical significance, our rain barrels add a unique element to your garden. Explore our selection and easily purchase your port barrel online.

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