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Welcome to the Balk en Plank webshop. In our webshop you will find furniture which can’t be found anywhere else. Robust, genuine products of today, made from wine barrels or other recycled material. No-nonsense products which we design and produce ourselves with a great deal of love. Take a look around our webshop or come along to our workshop and warehouse in the Netherlands, Werkendam!

A joke which got out of hand

It all started with a chat about wine barrels over a cup of coffee. Out of this talk came the idea for our lounge set. After designing and creating a prototype, we put it on Facebook and within a very short time we had sold, to our great surprise, 130 sets. We then made lamps and stools from the hoops and staves of the barrels. We searched for some business premises, recruited staff, and Balk en Plank was born. ‘What a lot of work! What on earth have you taken on?!’ people said. But it gave us great pleasure to create beautiful, handmade objects from challenging material.

We were able to give new life to wine barrels and old wood

Ninety per cent of the wine barrels we use originate from the Bordeaux area of France. Superb wood from 225 litre thick-walled transport barrels, which still carries the aroma of wine. The wood which we use to make the tables also has its own story. We’ve made the most stunning tables from mooring posts from Sliedrecht and the old foundations of the Parkkade in Rotterdam. Material which has already earned itself back. Cradle to Cradle therefore. This sort of material not only has its own character, but reusing it is also good for people and for society. It is certainly a challenge to create something beautiful from such ‘stubborn’ material. The material leads the way, and each product is a surprise. No two of our tables are the same.

About Barrel Atelier

In everything we produce, we aim for a robust look with its own character and the highest quality. We can channel all our creativity and technical insight, built up through years of experience in both exterior and interior construction, into making distinctive furniture from challenging material.

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