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Are you looking for a wine barrel bar stool or some smaller stools? Discover the selection at Barrel Atelier and order easily online!

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Kruk "Cognac"®
Kruk "Cognac"®
Wine barrel stool "Ilja Gort"
Wine barrel stool "Ilja Gort"
The top of this wine barrel stool proudly displays a brand mark of the Ilja Gort...
Wine barrel bar stool "Burgundy"
Wine barrel bar stool "Burgundy"
Wine barrel bar stool made with attention to seating comfort. All bar stools are...
Wine barrel stool "Loire"
Wine barrel stool "Loire"
Solid, oak wooden stool. All our stools are made from used wine barrels. Wooden ...
Wine barrel bar stool "Bordeaux"
Wine barrel bar stool "Bordeaux"
Solid, durable oak wine barrel stool. Made by hand with attention to seating com...
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Wine Barrel Bar Stools

Wine barrel bar stools higher than 70 cm, ideal for use at a bar or bar table. Our bar stools are handcrafted with attention to seating comfort, making them not only a stylish addition to your interior but also a delightful seating option at the bar. The seating can be made from various materials and can be customized with logos if desired. Manufactured from used oak wine barrels, our stools boast an authentic appearance. Our wine barrel bar stools are perfect for true wine enthusiasts or for trendy wine bars.

Wooden Bar Stools

Our wine barrel bar stools are made from high-quality, used wine barrels, ensuring that they are crafted from durable and premium wood. As a result, you can enjoy your wine barrel bar stool for a long time. Create a complete wine barrel interior by combining them with our other wine barrel furniture, such as wine barrel lounge sets, wine barrel chairs, and wooden rain barrels. Additionally, we can personalize the bar stools to match the style of your interior or bar. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibilities.

Low Wine Barrel Bar Stools

Looking for low wine barrel bar stools for your terrace, garden, or to use in your hospitality establishment? At Barrel Atelier, you can find a beautiful selection of low wine barrel bar stools. These bar stools made from wine barrels come in various heights. You can choose from low bar stools with heights of 74, 65, 48, and even 30 centimeters. The wine barrel bar stools have a beautiful, unique, and particularly atmospheric appearance, making them a great addition to any bar or hospitality establishment. All our low bar stools are made from oak wine barrels that have contributed to the aging of delicious wine for many years. The oak stools are sustainable, with a strong emphasis on creating ultimate seating comfort. Even the seating can vary in materials, giving you the option to choose between a wooden or leather seating surface.

A Beautiful Selection of Low Wine Barrel Bar Stools

At Barrel Atelier, you will find a beautiful selection of low wine barrel bar stools in various heights. Our bar stools are not only made from wine barrels; our selection also includes bar stools crafted from whiskey barrels. In most cases, the seating surface of the low bar stool is made from the lid of the wine barrel. The legs of the bar stool are constructed from the staves of the wine barrel or whiskey barrel, creating a unique and atmospheric appearance that clearly showcases the use of oak wood. On specific product pages, you can select your preferred height. Some wine barrel bar stools even feature a beautiful brand mark on the seating surface, while others have their seating surface fully finished with leather.

Order Low Wine Barrel Bar Stools Online at Barrel Atelier

Have you made your choice? Ordering the desired low wine barrel bar stools is a breeze. In most cases, there are no shipping costs for sets of wine barrel bar stools. For orders above €350,-, the shipping is free. If, for any reason, the low wine barrel bar stools do not meet your expectations, you can return them within 14 days. It's essential to carefully consider the dimensions beforehand to avoid ordering bar stools that are too low or too high. You have plenty of choices at Barrel Atelier when it comes to wine barrel bar stools. If you can't find your preferred bar stool or have a creative idea for a custom wine barrel bar stool, feel free to let us know. We'll gladly explore the possibilities and work on creating your desired low wine barrel bar stools.

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