Wooden bathtubs

Are you looking for a wooden bathtub? At Barrel Atelier, we have a wide range of wooden bathtubs available in various sizes. Suitable for both warm and cold days, discover our selection!

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Luxurious oval bathtub large
Luxurious oval bathtub large
Handmade luxury wooden bathtub. Made of durable and very strong robinia (acacia)...
Luxurious oval bathtub small
Luxurious oval bathtub small
Handmade luxury wooden bathtub. Made of durable and very strong robinia (accacia...
Luxurious oval bathtub medium
Luxurious oval bathtub medium
Handmade luxury wooden bathtub. Made of durable and very strong robinia (accacia...
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Wooden Bathtubs

When you're in search of a wooden bathtub, you'll find the most beautiful specimens at Barrel Atelier. Our luxurious wooden bathtubs are handcrafted in Europe from robinia wood. Such a bathtub is a lovely and unique addition to your garden, and thanks to its high quality, you can be assured of its long lifespan. Check out all the options for purchasing a wooden bathtub and easily place your order online.

Stylish wooden Bathtub

Choosing a wooden bathtub is not only about functionality but also about its stylish appearance. A wooden bathtub has a natural look that effortlessly fits into any garden setting. You could even place such a bathtub indoors if desired. When you order a wooden bathtub from Barrel Atelier, you're also choosing bathtubs with an extra luxurious appeal. It gives your garden a beautiful, exclusive appearance.

Enjoying a warm or cold bath

Of course, you can fill the bathtub with warm water. During the summer months, the water will naturally reach a pleasant temperature, especially if you place the wooden tub in the sun. You can also use the outdoor bathtub to cool off on a hot summer day. Simply relax with a good book and a delicious cocktail right in your own backyard. If you have any questions about using a wooden outdoor bathtub, feel free to call or email us; we'd be happy to help. Of course, you can also make your purchase directly online!

Easy to combine

A wooden tub not only looks stylish but is also perfectly combinable with other wooden elements in the garden. Consider our wooden rain barrels and robust wine barrels, for example. Or choose a wine barrel lounge set, made from used wine barrels, as the name suggests. Of course, you can also add beautiful wine barrel planters to the mix.

Handcrafted wooden bathtubs

When opting for a wooden bathtub, you naturally want to bring high quality into your home. We deliver the level of quality you can expect from a luxurious wooden sitting bath. Each bathtub is made from robust robinia wood and produced in Europe, assembled by skilled craftsmen. You can choose the model that you find the most beautiful and practical. We offer an oval design with two seats and a round wooden bathtub with one seat.

Maintaining a wooden tub

When wood dries out, it may lose its waterproof properties. Therefore, it's useful to keep the wooden bathtub continuously filled. If there is slight leakage, it is usually fixable in the short term. Just fill the tub, as the water will cause the wood to expand, making it waterproof again. This process may take a few days. In the winter, it's advisable to empty the water, as frost can cause damage.

Buying a wooden bathtub online

A wooden bathtub is stylish and functional, offering an ideal place to unwind completely. Can you imagine placing such a tub in your garden? Then order directly online. Of course, you have 14 days to return your order if needed. Contact us if you have specific preferences. No assistance required? Simply place your order for a wooden bathtub online!

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