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Want to buy a decorative herring barrel? The only active machine cooperage in the Netherlands. The keg for the very first 'Hollandse Nieuwe'-herring of the season was made by our craftsmen.

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The only mechanical cooperage in the Netherlands that still actively makes herring barrels!

A few times a year, the 120-year-old molds are put back on the tubing machines and traditional wooden herring barrels can be made again. The stove is fired up and our craftsmen are eager to get to work again. The positive but slightly nervous energy among the craftsmen is particularly noticeable around the time that the first herring barrel 'Hollandse Nieuwe' is auctioned.

Pure craftsmanship with an eye for detail and craftsmanship!

The herring barrels are used to decorate a herring party, but can also be used as an umbrella stand, storage barrel or as an eye-catcher. Some kegs are still filled with real herring today.

The vessels offered here can only be used as decorative vessels. If you still want to put real herring in it, please contact us.

Want to buy a herring barrel?

Do you want to buy an original herring barrel? Discover our range of 'Hollandse Nieuwe' herring barrels and order easily online!

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