Wine barrel lounge sets

Wine barrel lounge set handcrafted from solid, durable oak wine barrels, with attention to seating comfort. Made from the best part of the tree trunk!

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Lounge set Whisky "Lowland" ®
Lounge set Whisky "Lowland" ®
Robust, oak lounge set made from whiskey barrels. These barrels have contained w...
Wine barrel chair "Brandy" - Copy
Wine barrel chair "Brandy" - Copy
Wine barrel chair "Ruby" has been carefully treated to provide a course finish. ...
Barrel Atelier Wine barrel lounge set
Barrel Atelier Wine barrel lounge set
Durable oak wine barrel lounge set made from used oak wine barrels. The light co...
Wine barrel lounge set XL Ilja Gort
Wine barrel lounge set XL Ilja Gort
Price on requestBeautiful oak wine barrel garden set. Each side of our wine barr...
Wine barrel lounge set XL
Wine barrel lounge set XL
Price on request Durable oak wine barrel garden set. Handcrafted with attention ...
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Wine barrel lounge set

wine barrel lounge set and wine barrel garden set

Can you picture yourself outdoors already, enjoying the sun on a lounge chair made from wine barrels? The wine barrels used for our lounge sets are sanded down completely. But along the side you can still see the red colour of the wine crystals and you can still smell the wine.

Our lounge chair: oak garden furniture

The wine barrels used for our lounge sets, are usually sourced from Bordeaux. We treat them with great care. Selecting the wood and the staves that make up the seat and chair back is a precision task. The staves must have the right curvature, because this affects the seating comfort.

All the wood is oak. By carefully sanding it, we achieve the light colour.

Interior lounge chairs

Our lounge sets are designed for outside use. But if you would like a lounge chair for inside your home, that is possible. We will then make your chair from barrels which have been re-dried and where the rings have been replaced for a tight fit.

Exterior oak lounge sets

We make our lounge sets from used, thick-walled oak wine barrels. Most of them we import from the Bordeaux region in France, through collaboration with the well-known writer and wine grower Ilja Gort. These are 225-litre transport barrels of between one and six years old. Barrels that have contributed to their wine ageing process for many years. Let the story behind your garden furniture enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

Our lounge sets: crafted by hand to our own design.

The lounge set was our first product, born from a wild idea around the coffee table. We still make our lounge sets with much enjoyment. Making them requires a lot of craftsmanship. From selecting the wood and the staves that make up the seat and chair back, through to the careful sanding to get the light colour, and handling the material to achieve the perfect and lasting curvature. But we enjoy doing it! We like to be challenged by interesting materials that have a fascinating history.


All Barrel Atelier products, including the lounge set, are made by us from materials that have already proved their worth. material that we re-use completely to make new, valuable products. We partly do this because the material has such character of its own. But there are other benefits too. By using old wine barrels and used wood to make new furniture, we contribute to durable product development. This Cradle-to-Cradle principle appeals to us. How about you?

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